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Nat Easton Series Character: Bill Banning

The following bibliography - Checklist contains the author's crime and mystery fiction books listed in order

Nat Easton Books for Sale

Title Publisher Date Issue Points - Notes
One Good Turn T.V. Boardman 1957
Always the Wolf T.V. Boardman 1957 Dust jacket priced 10s 6d
Frangipani T.V. Boardman 1958
Nothing for Nothing T.V. Boardman 1958 Dustwrapper artwork by Denis McLoughlin
Bill for Damages T.V. Boardman 1958 Dust jacket artwork by Denis McLoughlin
US: Roy Publishers 1958
A Book for Banning T.V. Boardman 1959 US: Roy Publishers 1959
Mistake Me Not T.V. Boardman 1959 Dust jacket artwork by Denis McLoughlin
US: Roy Publishers 1959
Moment on Ice T.V. Boardman 1960 Dust cover design by Denis McLoughlin
Right for Trouble: a Bill Banning adventure T.V. Boardman 1960 Dust jacket artwork by D McLoughlin
Quick Tempo T.V. Boardman 1960
Forgive Me, Lovely Lady T.V. Boardman 1961 Dust jacket artwork by McLoughlin

Dust Jacket Artist: Denis McLoughlin

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Nat Easton Author Biography - Information About the Author
Nat Easton, is, I suspect, a pseudonym, if so for whom?
The US Library of Congress holds only three books by this author, all duly noted above.
Part of the wonderful British Bloodhound Mystery series, great jacket artwork, for the period.
The first editions in jacket are scarce to rare, many being ex-library copies.
we'd like to know more about this author's life, if you can help please do drop us a line.

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